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Exterior Convenience Store Cleaning Program

Petrol Pete’s Exterior Convenience Store Cleaning Kit is an all in one solution to clean and maintain the exterior components of any gas station or c-store location. Our high quality products will cover all the bases to clean and restore the exterior features increasing curb appeal and revenue. Petrol Pete’s products are safe to handle, economical and easy to use.

Program Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Creates curb appeal.
  • Saves you time and money.
  • One stop shop program.
  • Liquid formulas.
“I’m Petrol Pete! In need of a one stop shop to keep your C-Store clean? Look no further! My cleaning program has been specifically designed to clean all areas of the exterior of gas stations and convenience stores. We do this by combining over 30 years of expert convenience store/ gas station cleaning and maintenance knowledge with today’s innovative solutions. Check out our 4 product cleaning program that covers all the bases. Clean your stores the right way, the Petrol Pete way! “

Our Innovative Solutions

Gas Pump Cleaner & Degreaser

Petrol Pete’s Gas Pump Cleaner and Heavy Duty Degreaser is an all in one solution used to degrease and clean the exterior areas of convenience store gas stations where gasoline, diesel fuel and oil are commonly found. It quickly penetrates soils for easy removal.

Heavy Duty Formula.
Works on All Hard Surfaces.

Surface Polish

Petrol Pete’s Surface Polish is a ready to use formula designed to polish stainless steel, painted metal, aluminum, hard plastics and more. Our heavy duty formula is the perfect solution for gas station/convenience store cleaning tasks. Petrol Pete’s Surface Polish can remove fingerprints, scuff marks and
dirt/grime all without leaving an oily film behind. Petrol Pete’s Surface polish will protect your equipment and restore sheen to your metal surfaces.

Restores and Protects.
Safe Formulation.
Repels Dust.

Odor Eliminator

Petro Pete’s Odor Eliminator is a biodegradable formula that can be
used to control and destroy malodors, neutralizing the source and leaving a fresh clean scent behind. Works great for trash bin/dumpster and restroom odors.

Leaves No Residue.

Concrete Cleaner

Petrol Pete’s Concrete Cleaner is an environmentally safe 100% Bio-Enzyme formula used to clean and maintain concrete and asphalt surfaces. It’s state of the art technology penetrates deep into concrete pours to restore its surface to its original condition. Petrol Pete’s Concrete Cleaner will not contaminate water run off.

Minimal Downtime.

Save money without compromising quality and performance!

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